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Brand : YKS

YKS OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller Board 32-bit for RC 250 Racing Quadcopter Multicopter

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Tiny 36mm x 36mm PCB for superior electrical noise reduction and flight performance.
Software support for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Spektrum satellite receiver support.
Innovative Flexi-port technology for superior port flexibility.
4Mbits on-board EEPROM for configuration storage.

Superior user experience:
OpenPilot has tried to make your experience with the CC3D as easy and trouble-free as possible. The included RC harness allows you to connect any standard PWM receiver. All Copter Control boards are tested before shipping and come with bootloader already flashed. A standard mini-USB cable (not included) is used to load the latest firmware and configure everything for your unique airframe.

Sensors and Components:
3-axis Gyroscope array and 3-axis Accelerometer: MPU-6000
Supports several common RC inputs: 6 PWM channels, combined PPM, Spektrum/JR DSM2, DSMJ, DSMX satellites, and Futaba S.Bus receivers.
Simultaneous support for multiple receivers.
ReceiverPort functions (configurable): 6 PWM input channels or combined PPM stream, 4 PWM output channels
MainPort functions (configurable): serial telemetry (default), GPS, S.Bus, Spektrum/JR satellites FlexiPort (configurable): serial telemetry, GPS, Spektrum/JR satellites, or I2C peripherals (under development)
10 PWM outputs to servos or ESC¡¯s, or for camera stabilization
Camera stabilization: supports up to 3-axis camera mounts with stabilization and manual control from any of configured receivers.
Onboard USB connectivity for easy configuration.
USB and serial telemetry and configuration
3C Quaternion based complementary filter running at 500Hz

Package Includes:
1 x CC3D Flight Controller
1 x 8p wire rod
2 x 4p expansion path


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