Brand : XoomBot

XoomBot Quadcopter Gyro UFO 4CH 6-Axis Mini WiFi Drone with HD Camera Controlled by iPhone or Android Smartphones

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Controlled by a free app on your smart phone, this agile, light-weight drone features durable design that’s built specifically for professional RC enthusiasts. The integrated 6 Axis gyro and 4 propellers keeps your Drone hovering with extreme stability at up to 120 feet away! This ultra-compact drone turn any place into a playground with this fun and lively robot as it weaves through the air, showing off its acrobatic moves! It can do flips, tricks and rolls! Plus, the 2.4-GHz radio system means you don’t have to worry about signal interference, and you can fly many of these simultaneously. Lithium-Polymer battery, rechargeable and removable, lasts up to 8 minutes and full recharge in 1 hour. For any further queries please contact XoomBot online at videos are available here: Please use the free App “WIFI UFO”,”GD_WiFi_RC”, “CX_WiFiUFO” or “GD_WiFiUFO” in iTune or Play store, or download the Android version directly here –


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