Brand : XIRO

XIRO Xplorer Professional Quadcopter (V Version) Drone with Remote Transmitter, UZ350V Gimbal and 1080P 30FPS HD Video Camera

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XIRO Xplorer V quadcopter is pre-tuned by the factory and ready to fly. It brings all the features you request for a professional quadcopter. Easy to expand by V-kit or G-kit

With self-tightening propellers and a much larger intelligent battery that lasts 25 minutes on a single charge, the Xplorer is an excellent quadcopter for you to purchase.

There are 2 flight mode (GPS Flight Mode and Attitude Flight Mode) and 3 flight level in it. An inexperienced user should always select level 1 and operate the Xplorer in an open area to make sure it can enter GPS Flight Mode.

Press the Auto Take-off/ Landing button the Xplorer will slowly takeoff and start hovering at 3 meters height or descend slowly and land (enabled only in GPS Flight Mode).



Wheelbase: 350mm;

Propeller Type: 9450; E

Electric Motor Specification: 2212;

Net Weight (include the battery): 995g;

Accuracy of Vertical Hovering: ±0.5m;

Accuracy of Horizontal Hovering: ±1.5m;

Maximum Velocity of Movement (Vertical): 6m/s;

Maximum Velocity of Movement (Horizontal): 15m/s;

Maximum Tilt Angle: 35 degree;

Maximum Revolving Velocity: 200 degree/s


Detachable 3-axial stabilized gimbal

Built-in 2.4G WiFi graphic transmitter for video preview on App


High Performance HD Camera with detachable filter

1080p 30 or 720p 60 crystal clear video recording

14M pixels photo shooting

Adobe RAW support

Remote Camera parameter setting and Album sychronization

Remote Transmitter

Working Frequency: 5727-5789MHz

Transmitter Range: Up to 500m

Receiving Sensitivity (1% PER): -93dBm

Working Current and Voltage: 450mA, 3.7V

Built-in Lipo Battery: 3.7V, 4000mAh


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