WLToys V959 review

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WLToys V959 – What You Should Know About it Before You Buy it


Are you a beginner who is looking for a drone to play around with? If so, you need to select one that is made for beginners. If you purchase a drone that is made for advanced users, you may end up being turned away from drones completely, because the controls will be confusing. After doing some research (I love researching the different drones on the market), I came across the WLToys V959 and I personally believe it is perfect for beginners. Here’s what I have discovered about this drone …

The WLToys V959 Future Battleship Quadcopter is a great little toy quad that is perfect for beginners or those looking to practice multi-prop flight before upgrading. This quad offers several different modes and an onboard camera as well as micro SD compatibility for easy uploading of pictures and videos. The v959 is the perfect starter for a beginner looking to make aerial films.

Features and Benefits

The WLToys V959 Future Battleship Quadcopter comes equipped with a LiPo Batter and charger. This toy quad has an onboard spy cam with adjustable lens and saves pictures and videos to a micro SD card. The quad is made of durable elastic materials and comes with 4 rotors and 4 motors in protective plastic housing. In addition, four replacement rotors are included in the package. The rotors are gear driven which relieves motor stress. On board gyro and adjustable control sensitivity makes this quad a good choice for beginner and experienced users alike. This agile quad can perform flips and tricks as well as maintaining stable flight. AS an added bonus, the quad has LED lights to aid in orientation.

Pros and Cons

The WLToys V959 Future Battleship Quadcopter is a lightweight yet extremely durable toy quadcopter. This quad has very stable and steady flight, although, due to is extreme lightweight, it is easily buffeted by the wind and will lose stability with more wind. The included, rechargeable battery can sustain a flight time of approximately 8-10 minutes which is excellent for a quad and battery of that size. Unfortunately, the battery has a fairly long charge time of almost an hour and half, so buying a spare battery is advised. The controls of the V959 are adjustable making it a fun quad for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. In addition, the remote transmitter offers a very good range for a toy quad and can sustain flight up to at least 150 feet. This quad also has a very easy set-up that is basically ready to fly straight out of the packaging. The included camera is by no means professional or even anything special, but the adjustable lens is a nice feature, especially for flyers just looking to get some footage of the surrounding areas and experience something new. Video and pictures are recorded on a micro SD card, but, unfortunately, this card is not included and must be purchased separately.


The WLToys V959 Future Battleship Quadcopter offers an amazing experience for beginner aerial RC enthusiasts. Its simple design makes it easy to fly and grab aerial footage, which again, makes it great for the beginner aerial filmmaker. For the more advanced flyer, the V959 is a great stepping stone quad. It’s durable enough to practice with before upgrading to a professional quad with controls that are intuitive and similar to higher quality quads. This is a great little toy quad for enthusiasts of all experience levels.


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