Brand : UDI RC

UDI 818A-1 2.4 Ghz Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera 2015 Version Bundle with extra batteries

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Take flight and capture riveting footages with the newest UDI 818A-1 HD quad copter. Equipped with a 2.4 Ghz transmitter and range of over 30 meters. Loaded with tons of features such as flips, beginner (mode 1) and expert (mode 2), camera for HD photos and Videos, this is the perfect indoor/outdoor quad copter for beginners and intermediate flyers.

Included in the box:

– UDI 818A-1 Quad copter

– 2.4 Ghz LCD transmitter

– 2 GB Micro SD card

– USB Data Cable

– Screwdriver

– 2 X Lipo battery (3.7V 500 mah) – Flight time of approximately 8 minutes

– USB battery charger

– Instruction Manual

Charging instructions: 1.) Connect the battery with the charger before connecting the charger to the wall or USB 2.) Red light indicates charging and green light / no light indicates charging is finished Operating Procedure Step 1 Insert 4 AA batteries into the transmitter and connect the UDI 818A-1 battery to the red power connector (can be found inside the black casing). Step 2 Place the 818A in a flat surface. Turn on the transmitter and ensure that the UDI 818A – 1 power connector is connected to the battery. Step 3 Apply throttle on the transmitter to its highest position and then back down to initiate the quadcopter. LED lights of the quad should stop blinking and remain solid. Slowly lift throttle up to fly.


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