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SKEYE Nano Drone – Ultrasmall, Ultramaneuverable Quadricopter – 1.57×1.57″ – Throw ‘n Fly – Three Flight Modes – Great for Beginners – Bank, Flip and Barrel Roll at Lightning Speed – One Year Warranty

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Throw and Fly

With its feather-weight design and powerful motors, the SKEYE Nano Drone from TRNDlabs can literally leap into the air with a toss from your hand. Just throttle up, and let the ready-to-fly technology do the rest. Whether you’ve never held the sticks before or you’re an expert pilot, you’ll be impressed with what this little baby can do.

At 1.57×1.57×0.87″ and weighing 0.42 oz., you’ve never been at the controls of such a nimble yet stable quadcopter. Start with low gyro sensitivity just to get the hang of it, then gradually switch to maximum sensitivity and guide your Nano Drone in the kind of aerial acrobatics you haven’t seen from a quadcopter at this price point. Sophisticated circuitry, piezoelectric gyros, and accelerometers give the SKEYE Nano Drone outstanding stability. You can even throw it in the air while throttling up, and it will automatically stabilize!

Since the Nano Drone uses a direct controller rather than an app, you can fly it with far more precision than larger, more expensive models. Zip it around your living room, or take it outside on a calm day, and feel the responsiveness as you bank, barrel roll and even flip your quadcopter. After just a few minutes behind the controls, you’ll know just how much fun flying can be. Thanks to onboard LED’s, you can even take it out and light up the night!

Its three flight levels make the Nano Drone an excellent beginner model. So whether you’re learning to fly yourself, or you know someone who’d love to, this is the way to do it – with a small but speedy quadcopter that doesn’t cost a small fortune.

Get Some Air: With quality construction, elegant controls and a one-year hardware warranty, the SKEYE Nano Drone is making its mark in the micro quadcopter market. Ready to take the sticks? Want to give a friend or loved one the chance to do some extreme precision flying? Order yours today!


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