Price : $27.00
Brand : LiteHawk

Quattro Quad Copter

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LTH28531401 Quattro Quad Copter

Perfect for advancing pilots who want to move up from traditional micro helicopters! QUATTRO truly is the new way to fly!

With adjustable levels of performance, you can custom tailor your flight to your skill level – literally at the touch of a button! Start off with gentle turns and move all the way up to dramatic aerial stunts.

Graphite structure keeps the large QUATTRO stable and secure. Litehawk added bright LED running lights on the bottom of the support rods, why you ask? To open up the world of night flying! The lights are color matched to the blades so you always know which way you are going! Of course you can fly QUATTRO in daylight too.

Length: 292mm (11.5 inches)
Height: 88.9mm (3.5 inches)
Wall mount charger
Lithium flight pack
Digital Stabilization
2.4 GHz Technology


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