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Parrot AR Drone Pinion & Spur Gears + (20) Upgraded C-Clips Replacement Gear Parts Orange

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Great Deal!!!!! Make sure to stock up on gears and propellers for the upcoming season. NEW gears are made from a much stiffer material than stock. They were designed to resist wear and breaking in the event of a crash. This (20) pack of upgraded UltraFlightTM circle clips will fit the AR.Drone 1.0 and 2.0. These clips are twice the size of the stock clips and much easier to install and remove. Stronger and more resilient to bending, these C-clips can be used again and again. They’re also easier to find when you drop one! UltraFlightTM circle clips can be installed and removed using the Parrot® toolkit or set of needle nose pliers. Note: Be sure clips are pushed on all the way and seated properly in the groove on the shaft when installing them.


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