Price : $81.03
Brand : Odyssey Flying Machines

Odyssey Flying Machines Sky Runner NX 2.4GHz Quadcopter

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Odyssey Toys introduces the Sky Runner NX a unique quad and flies like no other! The main quad copter is enclosed in a protective roll cage that doubles as a protective shield and functions as a wheel! No longer do you have to worry about smacking the ground too hard or smashing the blades off hitting an obstacle, this flying ball will bounce off of every surface and even roll across the ground or the ceiling. The Sky Runner’s cage is glow in the dark. The Sky Runner is equipped with easy to fly technology. It can take off from any surface and has an auto upright design for easy crash recovery. The included 2.4ghz transmitter provides excellent function and feel for the quad and features trim adjustments to fine tune the flying character. A 3.7v 300mah battery provides about 6-9 minutes of flight time.┬áThe Odyssey Sky Runner comes with TWO 3.7v 300 mah batteries doubling your fun!.


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