Brand : Matek Systems

Matek systems 2 PCS FPV Voltage Linear Regulator Module 4S Lipo to 12V 300mA for FPV Racing Quadcopter like 130 175 180 210 280 Quadcopter Frame

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At present, all most QAV250 or other mini quadcopter only has 2~4S power supply, can be directly from the battery, 5V can use OSD power supply, but most of the camera operating voltage in 7~13V, very few can up to 15V, in the use of 4S battery, beyond the scope of the camera.

Available this linear module to the 4S battery voltage to the 12V, easy to power the camera. Compared to switch BEC12V, linear regulator with a very low ripple, not the image signal generated interference


Input voltage: 4S, LiPo 13~17V battery

Output voltage: 12V, voltage regulator accuracy 2.5%

Output current: continuous 300mA

Dimension weight: 25*10*3mm, 1g

Package include:

2 pcs matek Voltage Linear Regulator Module


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