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Lens Filters for Phantom 3 Pro, & Adv

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This is the best value for those interested in lens filters for their P3P or P3A. (Will not fit P3Standard) All filters are glass lens filters and screw directly onto the P3 Pro & Adv camera lens. These are quality filters comparable to glass filters selling for $20-$30 dollars more on other sites. The polarized filter has a rotating bezel and an index dot so that it can be adjusted while mounted on the P3’s camera. Polarized Filter Use of the polarized filter will make colors more vivid and reduce glare. Aerial cameras suffer from a large amount of reflected light from the ground and from bright sunlit skies. The polarized filter reduces this glare. It reduces the light by 1.6 stops, helping to slow down the camera’s shutter speed. ND Filters The ND4 and ND8 filters reduce light hitting the camera sensor, which slows down the shutter speed. This creates smooths out footage and helps reduce the appearance of “jello” effects from the camera’s rolling shutter giving a more natural and professional look. They can also reduce lens flare while shooting into the sun and tone down highlights while filming outdoors. Graduated Neutral Density (ND8): The most commonly used graduated camera filter. It reduces 3 stops of light at the top and softly fades to a clear bottom for smooth transitions and no lines.. The Graduated ND8 is a great tool for properly exposing the sky without underexposing the ground. It is excellent for bringing out ground details and catching the sky in sunrise and sunset aerial photography. Graduated Orange: This filter is orange on the top and reduces 1.8 stops. Great for enhancing those spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Graduated Blue: This Filter is blue on the top. It reduces 1.8 stops and gradually fades to a clear bottom. This filter is an excellent tool for cooling down the sky while maintaining zero color change of the ground.


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