Brand : gouduoduo2018

gouduoduo2018 CC3D NAZE32 Flight Control Power Distribution PCB Board with LEDs & Buzzer & 5V 12V BEC for QAV250 ZMR250 Quadcopter

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This is the Upgraded Version:

1,Fright controller do not only can be fixed on the board by screws but also can be welded on the board;

2,Add 2 BEC, 12V & 5V

3,With OSD port

1,Suit for CC3D and NAZA32 flight control of QAV250 ZMR 250 Quadcopter
2,ESC power and signal solder pads
3,Battery connections pads
4,FPV Camera and Video Transmitter connection pads (Battery voltage)
5,Loud Buzzer (un-assembled, solder yourself)
6,Bright LEDs for orientation
7,LC Filter to provide smooth DC voltage to FPV camera
8,Flight Controller mounting hardware included
9,Extra Header pins are included
10,Size : 65*185mm
11,Weight : 35g


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