Goose gets revenge

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The drone that should’ve ducked: Goose gets revenge on fancy new flying machine

Geese are patrolling the skies for drones. © Heinz-Peter Bader
Top Gun’s Lt Nick “Goose” Bradshaw has been reincarnated into an actual bird and he’s still taking down the enemy. In the case of newly-released video, a drone met its match while flying over the Netherlands.

Michiel Rote was recording with his DJI Phantom above Castle Teylingen in Sassenheim, but ‘Goose’ didn’t appreciate the invasion of privacy.

It flew straight for the drone sending it back down to the ground, before joining up with the other geese and presumably honking a smug remark.

Rote claims his equipment was unharmed and, from what he could tell, the goose was fine too.

“I lost a piece of my prop… the goose was just fine!” he said.

The Dutch sky is a dangerous place for drones with hawks and eagles employed by Dutch police to take down anything flying that poses a security risk – and they are more than pleased to help.




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