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8yo Aussie golf prodigy takes down hexacopter with epic swing

An eight-year-old Australian child prodigy proved she has a killer golf swing when her forceful drive knocked a flying drone out of the sky.

The incident was caught on camera when junior golfer Ruby Kavanagh was practicing her shot at the Magenta Shores Golf Course in New South Wales, Australia.

In the video, Kavanagh strikes the ball strongly and quickly lets out a scream when she realizes she’s smashed the drone.

The drone, Yuneec Typhoon H, worth $1,300, veers off course before making an unfortunate crash landing.

Kavanagh, who has twice qualified for the US Kids Golf World Championship, apologized profusely for her bullseye strike.

She has since declared herself a “Drone Killer” on her Instagram page after word of her epic “drone in one” went viral.


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