DJI Inspire 1 with Single Remote

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READY-TO-FLY Your system is professionally assembled and ready to explore the skies. When you receive your DJI Inspire 1 you’ll be equipped with a proficient filmmaking tool right out of the box. Simply add a mobile device or screen for live HD viewing.TRANSFORMING PHOTOGRAPHY The Inspire 1 contains carbon fiber arms that lift out of sight, allowing you to shoot with an uninhibited 360° view of the world. You’ll be producing high quality images like never before.LIVE HD VIEWING Inspire 1’s camera is capable of sending real-time video feed in 720p HD to your mobile device, giving you the bird’s eye view you’ve always wanted. With DJI’s Lightbridge technology you can now transmit video from up to 2 kilometers away. INDOOR FLIGHT Managing flight indoors is not an easy task. The Inspire 1 makes it a bit more doable. With DJI’s new Optical Flow technology the Inspire 1 is able to hold its position, stop when you’re not using the controls, and respond to your commands even if GPS is unavailable wherever you are.


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