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CleanHawk 250 Drone Power Distribution Board v1.1

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The goal of the CleanHawk 250 v1.1 PDB is to simplify wiring and improve integration and reliability. The printed circuit board replaces the bottom carbon fiber frame support on the Emax 250 / Nighthawk 250 quadcopter drones.


3-4S compatible
Designed for KISS 18A ESCs. BearHug and SN20A should fit just fine, and have pads for traditional ESCs.
3A @ 5V for flight computer, OSD, and LEDs (i.e. WS2812), telemetry/BT, etc. (85%+ efficient).
3A @ 9V for FPV camera, vtx, and LEDs. (92%+ efficient)
(6) RGB LEDs. 4 on bottom, 2 on top. User configurable color by changing resistors. Plan is to do red on the rear and white up front.
FPV LC filter that can select between 9V or 5V for feeding cameras and FPV transmitter,
Multiple soldering points for accessories on the VBAT, 9V, and 5V rail. Helps to contain the wiring mess.
Battery voltage divider for dividing the voltage down to something manageable for the Frsky D4R-II.
Optional bulk capacitance near the ESCs to help smooth out ripples.
Centralized battery input pads to keep the high current paths through the board as short as possible
2oz copper for efficiency and electroless nickel immersion gold plating for solderability.
Sufficient copper keep out area surrounding the mounting holes
Shielded inductors to reduce switching power supply noise.

What’s Included

(1) CleanHawk 250 Power Distribution Board with all surface mount components installed.
(1) 1×4 pin header for the auxiliary port
(1) 1×6 pin header for the ESC and flight controller port
(3) 2×2 pin header for respective power supply outputs


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