Guinness World Record – 1,000 drones glittering in the sky

1,000 drones took off to light up the night sky of the traditional Lantern Festival in Guangzhou, China. The drones flew in various formations such as Chinese characters of ‘Blessing,’ … Continue reading

1000 drones light up sky

The night skyline of the Chinese city of Guangzhou lit up by a spectacular show in which hundreds of drones took to the air. In putting on the show, the … Continue reading

Singing drones combat overwork culture in Japan

A T-Frend singing drone © Blue Innovation / AFP Singing drones are being deployed in to combat the overwork culture in Japan. Japan’s intense overwork culture dates back to the … Continue reading

Aptonomy introduces the self-flying security guard

Aptonomy Inc. has developed drone technology that could make prison breaks, robberies or malicious intrusions of any kind impossible for mere mortals. Dubbing it a kind of “flying security guard,” the company has built … Continue reading

Security drones

Meet BlackHawk. One of the most advanced autonomous industrial-grade drone in the world. Powered by advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, Aptonomy’s BlackHawk Drone Fleet provides continuous situational awareness across your … Continue reading

Racing a Google-funded robot drone against a world-class human pilot

Drone racing is a booming business. So who makes a better drone racer? A robot or a human? NASA tested exactly that on October 12 and Tuesday announced the results … Continue reading

Radar-equipped drone can spray pesticide onto crops as efficiently as 10 farmers

The £3,800 agri-drone can follow a pre-programmed flying route and is equipped with three sensors Controlled via a wireless console, the aircraft can spray up to 10 litres of pesticide through four … Continue reading

Unboxing a Star Wars limited edition drone

Thought you’d seen every possible piece of film merchandise/cynically exploitative spin-off possible? Just wait. Star Wars fans can now own their very own limited-edition drone. There’s only 1,000 of them going on … Continue reading

Shark spotting drones alert swimmers of nearby danger

In Australia drones have been powered by artificial intelligence and embedded with loudspeakers to warn those at risk of shark attacks. While Jaws may be a work of fiction, the … Continue reading

Honduras accuse Australia of using spy drone ahead of key World Cup clash

FILE PHOTO © Global Look Press The Honduras national football team have accused Australia of using a drone to spy on their preparations for Wednesday’s crucial World Cup second-leg play-off. … Continue reading