Building The Go Drone Version 2

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Picture of Building The Go Drone Version 2 (updated)

Hello, this is my first instructable, so don’t expect this to be too perfect. If you liked it, give me some feedback! Oh and Vote for me in the “make it fly” contest!

I’ve always had a great interest in Drones, Uavs, and just about anything that flies. Being a college engineering student, I finally decided Im tired of just learning concepts of how these things work, with no hands-on fun. I wanted to build something like that of my own and test my design to see what I’m capable of.

The real motivation to build what I called “The Go Drone” was seeing some aerial photography from RC aircraft on the internet. It looked good enough that I set my sights on building my own, and giving it a “Genuine” Go Pro look to it. So, I did just that, and designed a plane around my Go Pro Session.

Version 1 is the plane you see in the thumbnail. It was designed almost exactly the same as version 2 that this instructable covers. Version 1 was just scaled up, and had different motor placement. Version 1 had a 64 inch wingspan which I decided was a bit too big for the areas I have to fly. For version 2, I wanted to make more compact, and stronger as well.

If you want to check out version 1 crashing a few times in a cheesy 50 second trailer, watch this video:


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