Price : $99.99
Brand : Ares


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If you’re ready to multiply your quadcopter fun, the Ares™ [air-eez] Ethos QX 130 is the quad for you. You’ll enjoy flying the QX 130 because it’s equipped with an advanced 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer control system that offers both agile flight and maximum stability out of the box. When you add Ares’ exclusive software package to the mix, both first-time and experienced pilots will feel like they’re flying on rails”. Another fun feature is the innovative ‘Automatic Flip Mode’ that allows nearly anyone to perform 360° flips in any direction with just the push of a button. The QX 130 is also large and powerful enough to fly outdoors in winds up to 7 to 10 mph, while still small enough to fly comfortably indoors. The QX 130 even comes with an integrated LED light system controlled from the transmitter that makes it visible when flying in the dark! And if flying the Ethos QX 130 isn’t enough for you, add the fun of optional accessory units like a high-resolution digital camera with 60 frames per second to capture stunning in-flight video and still shots; a rocket launcher that shoots plastic missiles; a water blaster squirt gun; a bubble machine that puts out a trail of bubbles as you fly; and a winch that tests your flight skills as you try to attach, lift, and carry a payload of your choice. The Ethos QX 130 is a RTF (Ready-To-Fly) aircraft, so the lightweight and durable airframe arrives 100% factory-assembled and everything needed to fly is in the box, including AA batteries for the 2.4GHz technology equipped full-size 4-channel transmitter, a 500mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo battery and an AC charger for convenient charging from almost any outlet. With nothing extra to buy to get in the air, you can be flying within minutes of opening the box.


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