Brand : Tech Toyz

Aeroblade RT3500 2.4GHZ 4Ch Quadcopter with HD Camera, White

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If you love Quadcopter’s, then this is the item you want to get! The design for this Aeroblade Wireless Quadcopter with camera by TechToyz will allow you to fly faster and more agile in the air. To make this ‘copter even better, it has an HD camera attached! Just take the SD card out of the ‘copter, put it in your computer, and watch your flight! This 4ch, RC quadcopter featuring its 6 axis gyro auto stabilizes during flight and allows you to go up, down, left, right, forward, backward, and do radical 3D flips and rolls in the air! Command the skies and take on this amazing Aeroblade wireless Indoor/outdoor Drone Quadcopter!


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