$5 Drone Camera Tilter

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I just started to learn how to fly a drone and after first flight I noticed that the biggest probelm with flying with camera (without gimbal) is that you can’t set angle of your camera while flying. You can buy gimbal for at least $70 which is not so cheap. You can also land set your camera and fly again but this way is inefficient and takes time. So I started to think about solution for it.
What I come up with is servo fixed to your drone and connected to output signal for gimbal. My drone (Freex mcfx) has that output if your drone also have it you can make my project! If not, then it is complicated because you must add additional battery, receiver and transceiver.

This project is really simple and I think that everybody can make it it should take up to an 1 hour to make including 3D printing. Total cost is about $5 and It is compatible with every camera that has gopro mount.

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