3D Mapping And Photogrammetry

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This next drone video is from a project where Pix4D, together with Canadian drone manufacturer Aeryon Labs Inc and PUC University of Rio de Janeiro created the first 3D map of the Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio.

The changing weather and conditions with gusts of wind up to 50 km per hour made this project particularly difficult.   This project would not have been possible flying a drone manually.  With gusts of wind, the drone would easily drift of course by a few meters in a split second before the pilot could react.

The drone’s flight control system with 6 axis gyro stability being an essential component along with GPS, waypoint navigation made this project possible.  Many other projects and sectors are benefiting from this technology first invented way back hundreds of years ago.

In this final video, we learn how the MEMS accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer work and how to use them with the Arduino Board.


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