2-armed’ drone designed for dangerous ops

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An intimidating robotic-clawed drone whose formidable appearance has sparked comparison with nature’s toughest birds of prey has been unveiled in Japan.

The PD6B-AW-ARM, the latest large format drone by ProDrone, comes complete with two ‘Transformer’ like arms which have made a strong impression on some reviewers.

The device was developed in response to increased demand among drone users for ‘hands on operations’, according to a company press release, and can carry a diverse range of cargo with its remarkable claws.

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The drone has six rotors and can use its arms to attach or connect things, cut cables, turn dials and flick switches.

The UAV has been developed for commercial use to carry a maximum payload of approximately 10kg (22lb) and can fly up to 30 minutes at high altitudes in areas deemed too dangerous for humans.

The device was recently showcased at The International Drone Conference and Exposition, in Las Vegas along with a video displaying the drone’s flexibility, as it collects chairs and drops lifebuoys into the water.

It remains to be seen whether the drone will live up to its appearance and actually prove a match for the mighty eagle at a time when the raptors are themselves being used to take down UAVs if they pose a risk to the public.

Dutch police revealed Monday that its drone-fighting eagles are ready for launch after undergoing training since last year.

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